Much-awaited bridge over Mechi river to come into operation soon

दूरबिन नेपाल     १६ पुष २०७४, आईतवार १५:१४    

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Bhadrapur, Dec 31 : The construction work of the bridge over the Mechi river, bordering Nepal and India in the east is nearing completion. The bridge located in Bhadrapur municipality of Jhapa district is going to be completed after a delay of almost three years.
Anak-Surya Joint Venture Limited is constructing the bridge at the total cost of Rs. 373.6 million, according to the Postal Highway Directorate Project Office in Itahari. Various reasons including a faulty pillar led to a delay in the construction of the bridge that connects Nepal to India.
The 560 meters long and 9.8 meters wide bridge is the first international standard bridge constructed by Nepali company using local technology, according to the Project Office Engineer Upendra Das. Now the final work of clearing the space on the main roadway towards the west of the bridge is only left, which could be completed with the support of the government for compensation to the people to be affected by it, Das said.
After coming into operation, the bridge that has been a demand of the locals since the 1950s, would help enhance trade between Nepal and India, and between Nepal and Bangladesh. It is also expected to help develop Bhadrapur, one of the oldest municipalities of the country.
It will benefit travellers heading towards various destinations in India through the Galgaliya station, which is very close to the bridge. RSS

१६ पुष २०७४, आईतवार १५:१४ मा प्रकाशित